Please, Captain. Not in front of the Klingons. #RIPLeonardNimoy

452154851309d7b779993ae35376f413-d6nc3grI’ve never been to a convention. I’ve never seen the TV series Enterprise. I just recently got around to seeing Deep Space Nine. However I can say without hesitation that I am a trekkie. I was raised one and I’m proud of that label. When I was younger TOS would rerun on weekends and I’d watch with my mom. I saw Undiscovered Country in theaters. The bigger Trek memories I have are watching TNG with my mom Saturday night’s. That was the second part of my having no social life back then, because Fridays were spent with my dad watching X-Files. I’d have a tall, cool glass of Pepsi and a box of Cheez-it… usually Cheez-it. Sometimes it was Pathmark Cheeze Squares, but I liked those because I liked Cheez-it, just as the box predicted.

TNG was and is the best Trek series to date. It took all the ideas of TOS and films and, to use an improv word, heightened everything about it. My favorite episodes were always ones that involved Q or time travel or in some instances both of those things. Through all of the series I loved when generations would cross over. Scotti, Dr. McCoy and Spock all appeared in TNG. Original series footage was used in DS9. Captain Sulu was in an episode of Voyager. I really loved the way they did that episode too, because they kind of re-did Undiscovered Country scenes, which might just be my favorite of the original crew’s films.

Deforest Kelly (McCoy) and James Doohan (Scottie) have been gone for years. And now Leonard Nimoy (Captain Spock) joins them on that big bridge in the sky. Nimoy died today at the age of 83. For a guy who wrote a book titled “I am not Spock”… he made one hell of a run playing the character. Nimoy died, what I believed to be, a year shy of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek having portrayed the character all those years.  Even with the most recent reboot Treks he appeared in both as his original Spock character. He also directed a couple of the films including Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (for many a favorite) and oddly enough 3 Men and a Baby. He made several appearances as William Bell on another great sci-fi show- Fringe. It’s Spock that he’ll always be remembered for.

The below is one of my favorite moments in all of Trek, and though it seems more fitting for the hopefullly-not-anytime-soon passing of William Shatner, I think it fits here as well. Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to go on an original crew binge. Yes. They are all on Netflix.

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Breaking Goodman: Hamlindigo (S01E04)

BreakingGoodmanThis episode of Breaking Goodman covers season one episode four of Better Call Saul titled “Hero”. I continue to love this show. This episode was not as action packed or tension filled, but it was entertaining from start to finish. I think there’s some bigger trouble brewing with Hamlin and Jimmy and that’s not gonna be good for anybody. Joining the podcast this week is Samantha Russell Craig, Brian Craig, and Michael Henley. Apologies to Rand Paul, Bakers, Chris Carter, Chris Carter, and The Bible.

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Breaking Goodman: Nacho Guy (S01E03)

BreakingGoodmanThis episode of Breaking Goodman covers Season 1 Episode 3 of Better Call Saul. Another solid episode for the show. Silly at times, but overall really entertaining and engaging. We saw glimpses of who these characters were, are now and how begin to ever so lightly fill in how they get there. Joined by Ned Redmond, Samantha Russell and Brian Craig this week. We wish other Mike (Henley) to get well soon! Please like, share, and favorite us on the social medias and rate us on iTunes. Get the word out! And as always, head over to and sign up for a free 30 day trial of the Audible service and we get a few bucks.

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Breaking Goodman: Slippin Jimmy & the Dummies (S01E01/02)

BreakingGoodmanIn this debut episode of Breaking Goodman we cover episodes 1 and 2 of the new AMC original series and Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul. We’re getting to it late, hence this week’s subtitle “Better Call Earlier Next timeLike everyone I was skeptical about this, but wanted to trust the Breaking Bad team to deliver a good show. Based on the first two episodes they’ve done that and more. This first episode could have probably been about 20 minutes less, but I couldn’t stop gushing over how much I enjoyed the show. It was so great to see the look, the feel, even some of the old Breaking Bad world characters back… but also to see them new at the same time. This first episode features Ned Redmond and Michael Henley, both of which are more astute viewers than I am, so it’s great to have them. Future episodes could feature them as well as 1 -2 rotating guests that you might recognize from Stark Raven Mad, Bloody Sunday, or Reheated. The podcast should be posted Wednesday mornings from here on out.

The intro music is Junior Brown from the song “Better Call Saul: the Song”. If you enjoy this podcast then rate/review us iTunes! As is the motto for all of my podcasts… we’ll do better next time.

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Gettin’ Close With Aaron Nevins and Kate Banford!

5DollarHeaderMockIn this episode I get close with Aaron Nevins and Kate Banford. Most recently they co-hosted the 2015 Philly Comedy Awards. We talk a little about that night as well as the preparation leading up to the awards and the areas where improvements can be made. We also talked about the previous and upcoming Five Dollar Comedy Week with a preview of some acts and workshops. We also discuss each of their other projects including ManiPedi, Hang-On and more. They both have things coming up which you can check out below and hear more about on the podcast. As you listen, head over to and register for a FREE trial of Audible. You get a free audiobook download and you help me pay to host these long talks. Cancel before the trial ends and you pay nothing. Now, enjoy as I get close with Aaron Nevins & Kate Banford!

February 12th and 13th
Philly Improv Theater
9:00 p.m. $10 (advance) $12 (door)

March 23rd through 29th
Plays & Players Theatre
1714 Delancey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Original Five Dollar Comedy art created by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and design by Aaron Nevins.

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Breaking Goodman: A Better Call Saul Podcast Coming Soon!

A little late on this one, but after seeing the first two episodes I love the show and want to be able to talk about it with funny human beings. Breaking Goodman will cover the AMC Original series, Better Call Saul, which is a prequel of sorts to one of the best shows of all – time- Breaking Bad. It’s gonna be a mix of new and old voices and should be a pret-ty good time. I won’t say much about the show here, because we’re meeting tonight to go over the first two episodes. I’m also working on the podcast art and whatnot. I’ll get caught up soon.

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