Breaking Goodman Episode 8: Spoliation

Breaking Goodman LogoThis episode of Breaking Goodman covers Season 1 Episode 8 of Better Call Saul entitled “RICO”. In an effort to be more informative as we head into the final episodes of the podcast I’ll say that RICO in this case referring to the Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations Act. Also, Spoliation which was brought mentioned a few times, as you can guess is “The spoliation of evidence is the intentional, reckless, or negligent withholding, hiding, altering, or destroying of evidence relevant to a legal proceeding.”Lots of people winning in this episode, which as we discuss on the podcast will probably mean that some big losses are headed our way. Some sad, but probably true predictions brought up in this one. Just two episodes left…

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Breaking Goodman Episode 7: Cocobolo

Breaking Goodman LogoThis episode of Breaking Goodman covers the Season One Episode 7 of Better Call Saul entitled “Bingo”. This show just keeps getting better. I thought last week’s Mike-centric episode would be tough to beat, but this just about does it. This week on the podcast is Mike Marbach, Mike Henley and Brian Craig. Rate and review on iTunes!

Apologies: The guy who plays Craig Kettleman, People who haven’t seen Breaking Bad, but listen to this podcast, The Simpsons, and Chewbacca.

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Seemingly Good Curbside Coffee Table Still There

Coffe TablePHILADELPHIA, PA– On Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 a coffee table appeared on the curb of the 1400 block of Moore Street in South Philadelphia. Residents don’t know exactly when it was dropped off or who did the dropping. “No one moved recently.” says neighborhood busy body Francine Belochkin. “It’s the middle of the month. No one moves in the middle of the month. Not in this area anyway.”

By all accounts it’s a fine looking coffee table, which makes the fact that it is still sitting curbside so concerning. Even the roaming salvage trucks have not stopped to pick it up to put on the top of one of their dangerously high stacked piles of other man’s treasures. One resident reported seeing a blue Hyundai Sonata circle the block several times and slow down to inspect the coffee table, but the car hasn’t been seen in hours, so it’s assumed the driver found a more appealing coffee table.

Tomorrow is trash collection for the street. If it’s still here after that Belochkin has a plan- “I’m going to call 3-1-1. I don’t care how nice the coffee table is. It doesn’t belong on our curb”.

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Breaking Goodman Episode 6: The Juan Valdez Bump & Dump

Breaking Goodman Logo

This show just keeps getting better. As Brian says on the podcast, this was an episode every fan of Breaking Bad was waiting for. We know Mike’s character, but seeing what it was that got him to where he was when we met up with him on BB was fantastic. We saw several sides of Mike in this episode and each one was nailed by Banks. He’ll probably be nominated for a supporting actor Emmy when the time comes. I’ve already said Odenkirk will be up for Lead Actor and I stand by that. If he doesn’t win I lose nothing anyway. If you watch this show, listen to this podcast, but haven’t watched Breaking Bad… first sorry for all the spoilers. You probably shouldn’t listen to the show. Second, write in and let us know how this episode played for you. Was it still good? Boring? Did it suck for someone that hasn’t seen Breaking Bad? Write us!

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Area Man Torn Over Posting Happy Birthday On Virtual Stranger’s Wall

phone stressPHILADELPHIA, PA– In the early morning hours of March 4th, 2015, local resident Timothy Davis received a push notification to his cell phone alerting him to the birthday of two of his Facebook friends. “Mark Dodson and 1 other friend have a birthday today.” the message read. What would normally be an easy online task quickly became a source of great distress for Davis.

“Mark is a no brainer. He was my college roommate all 4 years. I talk to him at least once a month and see him at weddings all the time. It’s the ‘1 other’ that’s got me locked up” said Davis. The “1 other” celebrating a birth this day was Alan Bryant, whom Davis claimed he had never actually met in person nor had a conversation with online. “He friended me after I liked his post on a mutual friend’s wall about Obamacare” Davis said, “and he wished me a happy birthday last year, which makes this extra tough for me.”

The stress Davis is experiencing is partly due to his own insecurities. “I have a birthday coming up myself in May. I really like reading all the posts,” Davis continued. “I can’t help but think if I don’t offer a post to him today I’ll fail to get one of my own when the big day comes.”

As of the release of this article Davis had yet to post, but he says there is one thing he is certain of, “If I am undecided when midnight arrives, then my decision is made. I will not post a belated birthday wish. I mean… I hardly know the guy.”

(Inspired by “Area Man” series by The Onion)

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Breaking Goodman Episode 5: The Man in the Booth

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In this episode of Breaking Goodman we cover Episode 5 of Better Call Saul titled “Alpine Shepherd Boy”. It’s just Mike Henley and me on this one, so we kind of go through things pretty quick. Not too much happened in the episode anyway. Still a solid episode though. Many seemed to have problems with the pacing of this episode. Mike and I thought it was fine and in fact kind of applaud the show taking the long way around some things. If you enjoy this then rate and review us on iTunes!

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