Gettin Close with Rich Talarico

In the 7th episode of the Gettin Close with Mike Marbach podcast I get close with improviser/writer, Rich Talarico. Rich has been improvising for the better part of 20 years having studied in the earlier days of iO with Charna Halpern and Del Close. He currently improvises with Dasariski (along with Robert Dassie and Craig Cackowski). He has also written for such shows at Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, The Tonight Show and currently is a writer on Comedy Central’s hit, Key & Peele. He was recently in town teaching some improv/sketch workshops at the Philly Improv Theater and was kind enough to give me some time to chat. It’s worth a listen for any improvisers/sketch writers out there as he gives thoughts on where things were, are and can go in each discipline. Enjoy now as I get close with Rich Talarico.

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  1. May 9, 2013

    […] “theatrical” and much more. This isn’t an episode. This is a class. Much like the Rich Talarico episode, you’ll want to listen to this again. It’s pret-ty good. Sound is a lower quality than […]

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