Gettin’ Close with Iron Lung!

074It’s the first episode of the new year/season! When we left of last season the podcast was but a nominee for an award, but we return a winner. Yes, this podcast has won “Best Podcast or Web Series” in the 2013 Witout Awards. Thank you to everyone that voted and thank you to each and every guest. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every chat and I hope any listeners out there have as well. There’s lots planned for the podcast this year. Reaching out to more national personalities, but not losing sight of the local people that keep it going. I’ll also be working with some other people on some off-shoot podcasts, but I’ll talk about those another time. For now- it’s all about the Lung.

In season 2  episode 1 I sit down with Philly improv group, Iron Lung, to discuss their two year run, which comes to a high point in tonight’s Sideshow Presents: Iron Lung’s 2 Year Birthday/Party. We talk about how the team formed, picking a name, the experiences in classes, with different coaches, forms, how different people leaving is dealt with… the general ups and downs of producing the team you are on. If you are on an “indie” team then this is a great resource for you.

Iron Lung has done a great job since emerging as a group from PHIT classes and has been a good example of how to make things happen for yourself. Over the last two years members have gone on to join PHIT house teams, duos, sketch groups and have started their own shows as well. As a group they’ve helped to fuel the growing indie improv world in Philly and as individuals they’ve done the same for Philly comedy overall.  This was a particularly good chat for me as I wasn’t just the host of this podcast to them, but an instructor to most, a coach to some and a friend to all. (You should expect this following that). Enjoy it as I get close… with Iron Lung.

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