Gettin’ Close with Jet Eveleth!

Jet-Eveleth-Duofest-InstructorIn this episode I get close with the Reckoning’s Jet Eveleth! I was able to sit down with Jet when she came to PHIT for her Duofest show with Scott Adsit (who happens to be next on the podcast!). It was in the Reckoning that I was introduced to her and their more patient, organic style of improv that came to influence much of what I’m still interested in about improv. In this podcast you’ll be able to feel how passionate she is about the art of improv… watching it, performing it, reading about it and teaching it as we talk about each of those things. We also talk about what got her interested in comedy, how clowning and acting have influenced her improv and life and much, much more. This was a really great conversation and one that I know you’ll get something out of.

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  1. rebekah says:

    Love this. Really great interview.

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